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List of Courses 2009/2010

Painting Holidays

Mixed Media Tuscan Sketchbook
Autumn 2009 Tuscany (6th – 13th September 2009)

If you are not quite ready for an intensive mixed media course and just wish to explore new ideas in a comfortable environment. Then try a relaxing week touring Tuscany and stimulating all of your senses. You will go home rested and inspired with your own personal visual travel diary.
We will start off in the studio with an introduction to different materials that may be used to capture the colours, tastes and textures of Italy.
You will record your initial impressions and create a visual portrait through Sketching, Collage, Text and Photography building up the surface with patterns and textures whilst focusing on composition and colour.
We will visit many places of cultural interest, and you will receive an insight into the history of the art and architecture around Siena. You will have the chance to go wine tasting, visit local markets and go off the beaten track to taste the hidden delights of the local cuisine.
Staying in a delightful “agriturismo” (restored farmhouse) which boasts comfortable rooms and apartments in the very heart of the rolling Siena hills.
You will be able to switch off after a day’s sightseeing by plunging in the pool, having a relaxing massage or sauna in the health spa or exploring the local countryside on horseback or mountain bike.

Mixed Media Painting - Summer 2010 Tuscany (June) (dates to be confirmed)

If you are interested in a mixed media approach to painting, particularly in the contemporary field, this is the course for you. This ten day intensive course will be particularly beneficial to artists who wish to explore new approaches to painting or those who wish to develop a body of work for higher education.

Structured projects will be set to help you work within a framework as well as having the freedom to generate your own ideas.

The course takes place in the stimulating depths of Tuscany. Held in the most enchanting converted monastery in the heart of the Val d’Orcia countryside. You will be encouraged to express your own personal vision returning with a fresh body of work.

This course will cover:

- Preparation of different supports: board, canvas, aluminium with different grounds
- Use of acrylic paints and mediums
- Use of oil paints and mediums
- Collage and Assemblage
- Encaustic Painting

Mixed Media Venetian Sketchbook – 1 week exploring the Veneto
Autumn 2010 (dates to be confirmed)

Weekend Workshops

Get Creative - Spring 2010 (March) (dates to be confirmed)

This weekend course will focus on mark making and creating without fear. We will play with a range of materials to help stimulate the artist within you. You will be encouraged to make spontaneous responses to the world around you.
We will draw inspiration from the Wiltshire countryside and make visual studies which will then be developed in the studio. No experience necessary, all you need is an open mind and be ready to engage your courage and imagination.

- Use of Pencil / Charcoal / Chalks / Pastels
- Use of Inks
- Use of Acrylics
- Mixing pigments and basic encaustic painting

Wiltshire Workshop Spring 2010 - Experimental Printmaking
(dates to be confirmed)