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Art Workshops

Take this opportunity to develop your creativity under expert tuition, while staying in a beautiful place and getting a taste of the local food and culture.

My courses are aimed at artists of all ages and abilities, non-painting partners are also welcome. Numbers are limited to ensure professional tuition and flexibility for excursions.

A variety of workshops and painting holidays are on offer for 2012/2013.
Tuition focuses on drawing, painting and exercises to provoke creativity as well as innovative mixed media techniques including: encaustic painting, assemblage, photographic transfer montage and various printing methods.

We will explore ways of seeing, making marks, use of tone, line, texture, colour and composition. You will be shown how to prepare your work on different supports: sketchbooks, canvas, wood and metal.

Each student is encouraged to expand their own personal vision and is given a balance between group and individual tuition.
There will be several excursions to places of historical and cultural interest.

Course Locations

  • Wiltshire, England
  • Tuscany, Italy
  • Venice and Padua, Italy

For further details see list of courses, for prices and availability please send an email via the contact page.